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What are the Popular Diamond Earrings to Choose From?

Are you planning to gift yourself or your loved ones a pair of diamond earrings this season? Then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will discuss the most popular diamond earrings and why they must be your top pick. Since these earrings are a classic piece that goes with any finger ring or a solitaire pendant, it is a must-have piece of jewelry. 

So here are some of the most popular types to own:

Stud earrings

The very simple stud earrings comprise of a single diamond that is embedded within the metals like gold, platinum or white gold. Multiple designs in stud earrings may feature solitaire diamond surrounded by other smaller diamonds, which are a beauty in itself. These are a popular choice as they can sync well with almost any style and occasion. One can also pick the halo studs or martini studs based on their design preferences.

Diamond hoops

Diamond hoops are always a head-turner for people keen of fashion. It is a very simple yet effective piece to showcase diamonds on your ear. Hoops are available in circles, ovals, plain or other contemporary shapes to suit your face cut.  Since these are going to stay enclosed in your entire lobe, you can effortlessly pair these sets with low-necklines and minimal jewelry. You can choose huggie hoops or J-Hoop earrings for a different look.

Diamond drops

If it is about classic diamond drops, it will mostly consist of two diamonds. One diamond will be on the ear as a stud and the other one will be hanging as a drop just below the earlobe. These are also known as dangles and can be customised to suitable length as per the wearer. Some people want a shoulder-length dangle while others want it close to their earlobe. This is a great pick for both traditional and modern outfits.

Lever-back earrings

If you want a twist in your earrings and want to replace your regular screw-on type ones with something unique, pick the lever-back earrings. They have a lever back bent like a fish hook, which holds the earring in proper place. There is extra comfort in wearing these because of its hook design. They can be easily worn to work or with formal wears.

Atelier Lou diamond earrings are crafted with precision to make you look beautiful and royal like never before. 

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