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3 Best Athleisure Pants for Summer

Athleisure might appear as an effortless wardrobe staple, but finding the right pair that fits you perfectly well, stays in place, gives you the comfort it promises and helps you during your workout by keeping you cool, can sometimes be very difficult, even more than you think. Since, it is summer and we all have our summer body plans to achieve, and working out in summers can be a little exhausting because of humidity. You cannot go with the same winter pants, there is already enough warmth in the air. Now is the time to sweep away all warm athleisure and change your active wear with some cool summer staples. Gym pants are women’s all time favorite pants and women consider it their go-to choice to go everywhere. Unarguably, either you are running errands or going to a playful date, athleisure pants are the most preferable choice. We all agree!

Athleisure is one of the most picked trends these days. It was basically introduced for gym and workout but now it has become everyday fashion trend. We have gathered some ideas for summer pants that may help you choose your fit.

  1. Jogger Pants

Jogger pants are a style staple for both women and men. It could be worn any time and in any season. But it is important to know when and where to wear them, to make a perfect style statement. Casual jogger pants could be great to wear every day as they are comfy. They could be worn at home or while running errands. Joggers are well suited for summers in cotton. It is a breathable material and keeps your body cool. It also helps to prevent any rashes. Lightweight and neutral hues are best for summer. To get a complete look pair them with a cotton t-shirt and loafers.  You can also check out Nike Malaysia.

  1. Running Pants

You can run in sweat and jogger pants too but running pants are tighter and they prevent chafing, and they are not loose so they don’t snag on your surroundings too. Running pants are specially made of moisture-wicking material. It is essential for running pants as it keeps you cool and dry and keeps the moisture away from your skin. Running pants have a cut in a way that their material moves along your body and not against it while having evening walks or morning runs. Running pants have a casual vibe. They are much more versatile too as you can wear them for a casual appearance, jogging, or even resting.

  1. Loose Style Yoga Pants

Loose yoga pants give you great comfort. Wearing tight and uncomfortable clothes were considered comfy in gone days. Now the mainstream industry is manufacturing clothes that are more and more customer-friendly. In this manner, loose yoga pants have reached the summit. They fit you perfectly well on the waist and are loose at the bottom, they look like jogger pants but they are baggier. These pants are great to help you breathe and relax. You can opt for them while performing yoga, even when traveling or to just lie on the couch all day.  They are super versatile and look fab! Especially with tank tops and crop tops.

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